The Promotion of Senior Citizens Learning

Jan 01, 2021
Good health and well-being

Since 2008, Ministry of Education authorizes Center for Innovative Research on Aging Society (CIRAS) of CCU to do the program of Senior Citizens Learning Advisory Group Plan based on implemented experiences, which takes the initiative to have senior citizens learning as a positive Care Policy. The initiative aims to prevent the elderly (age above 55) and the pre-elderly (from age 45 to age 54) from negative ageing and forward-learning. With the help of learning in advance for the elderly, we believe that the negative impacts caused by ageing, such as the weakening personal health, the lower quality of family living, and the barrier or burden on Taiwan finance can be relieved greatly.



Jan 01, 2020

Current collaborations with health institutions

Center for Nano Bio-detection recently focused on building up collaborations with regional industries. By working with local hospitals, the center develops various biosensing tools for clinical diagnostics, such as NT-proBNP for heart failure and methylated DNA cancer biomarkers, GFAP protein for brain injury, and COVID-19 biomarkers. Besides, via working with Aquatic Technology Research Center, Center for Nano Bio-detection has developed biosensors to detect aquatic Vibrio to prevent shrimp’s early mortality decease.

Center for Nano Bio-detection has also assisted the spin-off company Instant NanoBiosensors to enhance its international visibility. This company is the only Asian start-up invited by Merck Innovation Center in Germany to incubate. 

Good health and well-being
Nov 12, 2020

Good health and well-being
May 10, 2019


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